A design proposal for Norway’s pavilion for Milan’s EXPO 2015. Visitors coming to the pavilion are greeted by a curvy wooden ribbed structure that takes them through the exhibition. The structure is deeply connected to the Norwegian marine heritage as it is inspired by the wooden ships of the ancient Vikings. The layout for the structure was conceived as a composition of 2 main naves, to hold the main functions of the exhibition and a restaurant, with a shorter third nave connecting the two and allowing easy circulation as well as creating intriguing spaces within the pavilion. Custom machine production of the wooden elements allows elaborate form yet easy production and fast dry assembly of the structure, accompanied by metal scales skin and a lightweight ETFE membrane to provide it with natural light. Advanced technological solutions allow the realization of this pavilion while always representing progress and innovation in the spirit of the EXPO.

In collaboration with Gabriella Rossi & Oana Luca, 2014