Lamborghini road monument is a competition entry for two new monumental landmarks at the entrance of the historic Lamborghini plants in Italy. The monuments have to convey the core values of the world-renowned brand, being visionary, cutting-edge & pure.

The proposal plays with the DNA characteristic geometry of the car famous for its extraordinary design, abstracting and simplifying it in an attempt to extract its essence.

One monument is evoking solidity, with sharp edges and angles that evoke an image of pure solid titanium ore pieces, piled on top of one another. These huge chunks of solid metal are colored in the typical colors of Lamborghini, using chrome and vibrant red.

The other monument conveys the speed and lightness of the car. Emerging from a high reflective mirror plane are two simplified structures that seem to be floating in the air. Their image is outlining, on one hand, the car’s sleek and aerodynamic figure, and on the other hand, a cloud-like angeled structure which appears to be almost bonded in this unbreakable mechanical or chemical configuration, at the same time echoing Lamborghini’s elementary forms and edgy curves.