The Parasite Installation is the outcome of the cooperation between the architect Hsieh Ying Chun and TCA Think Tank, led by Pier Alessio Rizzardi, Zhang Hankun and Martin Huba

The pavilion took part in the installation Synergy & Symbiosis during the Architecture Biennale 2014 at the garden outside the Chinese Pavilion attracting visitors arriving from the Giardini and Arsenale exhibitions. (Based on the Bug Dome pavilion, a similar experiment from Hong Kong 2009, constructed by Weak! Architects as an icon of “illegal architecture).

The structure was primarily used as physical research of fundamental elements of the traditional space, understanding the basic concepts behind traditional Chinese spaces created the reference to developing the design. 

We were happy to use simple parametric tools to build the form defined by two curves interacting with the existing permanent structure. As a result was created a lively spatial composition shaped by a single curved mesh.

The workshop used contemporary and locally produced economical materials, such as wires, metal nets and PVC pipes. The pipes are bent to create arches that guarantees zero impact, as well as a temporary environment for the fragile Venice Biennale venue. PVC was chosen for its flexibility, which allows several possible and flexible forms.

Main Designer: Pier Alessio Rizzardi
Design Team: Martin Huba, Zhang Hankun