What if we used the unexploited space above bus stops to provide shelter to the homeless?

“The new normality is shaped by a retreat into the privacy of the home.” – But what about those of us that do not have a home?

Using the unexploited real estate on top of Tel Aviv’s bus stops, we could provide a safe shelter for those in the highest need of a home. By providing a self-sustaining structure, adapted to the local weather conditions, we came up with a multifunctional design that blends in with the DNA of the White City. This project aims to create an affordable solution, caring for both people and the environment. Homelessness being a constant emergency in urban centers around the world, this idea investigates the potential of employing underused urban infrastructure in times of a pandemic, but also far beyond. The prefabricated structure is to be made of a ventilated sandwich of fiberglass sheets and polystyrene insulation supported by a steel substructure. Two round polycarbonate glass windows allow to access the space with a ladder as well as for natural light and cross ventilation on hot days. The shelter is equipped with a mattress, night lamp, a fan, a locker for personal items, and a charging spot. The shelter is lockable for the safety of the dweller, and a PV panel is installed on the roof for energy production. The shelter provides protection from the sun and rain to the people waiting for the bus on the long bench underneath it, as well as illumination at night. Using a modular strategy, different sizes of bus stops could be created in different locations while providing more shelters for the homeless. The prefabricated structure could be brought to the site in only a few pieces that are quick to assemble: one complete shelter unit, 2 columns to be anchored to a concrete foundation, a bench, and a ladder. Dimensions: shelter: 270 cm long,  170 cm wide, 100 -160 cm high. columns: diameter 20 cm, 225 cm high.   bench: 260 cm long (190 cm for sitting), 50 cm deep.

Panel 01
Panel 02