Design Team:  Ofir Elazar Albag, Martin Huba

The New Riverfront Condominium in Partizánske, a town founded by Czech industrialist Jan Baťa, blends history and contemporary living. Situated near the town’s Central Park and its modernist church, this project transformed a 1960s kindergarten into a condominium complex.

The development, comprising 18 apartments ranging from 32 m² to 50 m², prioritizes affordable housing and comfort. Residents enjoy both private and shared spaces, sparking a gentrification process in that was previously neglected. Amenities include electric underfloor heating, smart thermal management systems, and a private, fenced area encompassing parking, and an outdoor gym.

The design retains the original building’s visual, with an aesthetic that juxtaposes an off-white facade with accented white corners and rakes, and anthracite railings, all grounded by a red brick clinker base typical of the town. An extra floor and gallery access were added to the building. The perimeter fence, featuring a pattern of circular perforations created using a generative, not only balances privacy and visibility with the surrounding but also creates a sense of local intrigue.